St. Bridget School Quezon City

Calendar 2014-2015


Admission Policies & Procedures

St. Bridget is a Catholic School, owned and run by the Religious of the Good Shepherd. Admission to SBS is open to Catholic applicants and that parents and qualified applicants agree to comply with the rules, regulations and policies of the school.

The School accepts applicants on the basis of requirements presented, test results and interviews. The admission committee gives the final decision in all cases after deliberation.

Application time is open in October of every school year. Transferees are accepted based on the number of available slots for the coming school year.

Entrance Exam results will be held strictly confidential. The guidance office will not release any interpretation of any test results.

Admission Policies & Procedures

New Student

A. Prep:

  1. Photocopy of birth certificate;
  2. Photocopy of baptismal certificate;
  3. Two (2) ID pictures (1x1);
  4. Nursery or kinder certificates / grades;
  5. The child must be 5 1/2 to 6 years old by first semester of the incoming school year;
  6. She must be presently enrolled in kinder.

B. Grades 1 - 3:

  1. Same as A. Prep, nos 1 - 3;
  2. Photocopy of present grade / yearl level report card.

C. Grades 4 - 5:

  1. Same as B. Grades, nos 1 - 3, nos. 1-2;
  2. Two completed recommendation letters rom the previous school attended (from the principal and the class adviser or guidance counselor).

D. First Year and Second Year:

  1. See requirements in C. nos. 1 -2;

NB:Transferees in Grade 6, Third and Fourth Year High School are not accommodated unless they come from another school run by the Good Shepherd Sisters and / or need a "Good Shepherd" education

Returning Student

Students of St. Bridget School QC who have received the probationary / passed out status due to academic / conduct deficiency shall be denied readmission to SBS, Quezon City.

Returning students or "balik eskwela" who wish to enroll again in SBS, Quezon City after studying in another school for a year or more would be considered asa new student and therefore must go through the necessary procedures and would have to meet the requirements demanded from transferees regarding admission, interview and entrance examinations.

Application Forms

download Downloadble application form